Indiana Organic Network connects organic growers

The National Association of Food and Agriculture is partnering with Purdue University to fund the Indiana Organic Network to connect growers across the state.

Extension specialist, Ashley Adair says this benefits all Indiana farmers.

“Having as many of these tools in the organic farmers toolbox as possible can show conventional growers what practices they might be able to incorporate on their farm to reduce herbicide and insecticide use, and maybe just reduce inputs in general,” she said.

The program also includes a statewide soil health census. 

“The results will not only help us here at Purdue and in the research community understand where we are in terms of soil health across the state, it will also help the grower understand where they are in terms of soil health,” she said.

She tells Brownfield organic farming can improve overall soil health.

“Making sure that you’re mitigating tillage practices and mitigating the the risk of erosion by using cover crops, rotating your crops, and incorporating other practices may help prevent soil erosion from your field,” she said.

Adair says the project helps educate farmers and provides practical ways to improve their operations.

AUDIO: Ashley Adair, Purdue Extension

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