Industry concerns linger for cattle producers despite positive market outlook

Many cattle producers say they’re encouraged by the industry’s outlook but still have many concerns. 

Homer Buel ranches in the North-Central Nebraska Sandhills and says the labor shortages continue to be a problem.  “I mean we live 40 miles from the closest town and so many especially young couples both want to work and it’s hard to get people to come work on our ranch and stay there. Part of the problem they’re having in the packer industry is not as far as getting up to full speed is they just can’t find the labor force.”

Adam Sawyer of Basset tells Brownfield he – like many others – is adjusting feed rations because of high input costs. “It really puts a crunch on these operations, financially, how they can do that.  I think you all do it by a situational basis of what you can and can’t do for the year.”

Jaclyn Wilson of Lakeside says she’s seeing too much division. “And not only between producers but there is also a disconnect in our own industry and I get so tired of bickering and arguing and what not and the lawsuits and every little tiny thing.”

All three spoke with Brownfield during the 2021 Nebraska Cattlemen’s Convention in Kearney.

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