Inhibitors recommended for all surface applied nitrogen applications

A technical agronomist says the wet spring is a good reminder that farmers using surfaced applied nitrogen should also be using an inhibitor.

Matt Fryer with Koch Agronomic Services tells Brownfield…

“Especially nitrogen that has any form of urea nitrogen in it.”  He says, “Volatilization loss is a huge risk. We can lose up to 40 to 50% and so stabilizing for surface supplied nitrogen is vital.”

He says high loss conditions are most prevalent in wet soils.

“Or even a moist soil.”  He says, “It doesn’t take much moisture and we can have those really high loss conditions if we don’t get a rainfall event after the fertilizer applications that exceed half an inch to incorporate any surface applied nitrogen.”

Fryer says using a nitrogen inhibitor keeps the input in the field for the crop, and he recommends farmers discuss their options with their retailer.

AUDIO: Matt Fryer – Koch Agronomic Services

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