Input costs remain top concern for Kansas farmers

The availability and cost of inputs for the upcoming growing season are the concerns of some farmers at the Kansas Soybean Expo.

Northeast Kansas farmer Lance Rezac says fertilizer has nearly quadrupled in his area and that will change crop rotations for him and others. “The cost of nitrogen is such an issue for corn,” he says. “I’m worried. I’ve talked to a lot of producers, especially smally producers who are in marginal areas where corn is not that good and who are just going to grow more soybeans.”

Doug Shoup says he’ll be one of those growers who changes acres because he’s also dealing with a drought. “With Kansas, you never know with Kansas weather and our soil types are not the best. What we’re looking at doing is going to be heavier on the soybean side this year.”

North Central grower Ryan Stewart says he hasn’t purchased fertilizer yet and the increased prices are leaving him in limbo. “We’re kind of on the fence about what we’re going to do. WE have a perfect rotation right now about half corn and half soybeans,” he says. “We really like that.”

All three say even with high input prices, the outlook for 2022 is positive.

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