Input price volatility weighing on farmers

Brownfield’s Rhiannon Branch interviews David Kermicle from his combine during corn harvest.

An east central Illinois farmer says input prices for 2023 are top of mind for him as he harvests the 2022 crop.

Dave Kermicle, who farms near Olney, tells Brownfield, “We are buying inputs for 2023, and never would we think about buying inputs for the next year, at least until we get out of the combine but when you get a price you better go with it at this point.”

He says they dry their own grain, and energy prices will make that cost almost double this year. But they are still harvesting corn at just under 20% moisture because of stalk quality issues caused by an August storm.

“We still feel like it is worth it, especially for corn that has been damaged like this. The stalk quality just isn’t there and even today you look out and the wind is blowing 15-20 mph so I don’t think it will get any better out here in the field.”

He says in nearly 40 years of farming, this is likely the most volatile price environment he has seen.

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