Iowa DNR: 1,500 tons of liquid nitrogen fertilizer spilled into southwest Iowa river

Cleanup efforts are underway after a large amount of fertilizer was spilled into a southwest Iowa river.

The Iowa DNR says New Cooperative in Red Oak notified the agency early Monday morning that approximately 1,500 tons of liquid nitrogen fertilizer was discharged into a drainage ditch and it later reached the East Nishnabotna River.

The DNR says the release occurred due to a valve left open on an aboveground storage tank in the overnight hours. Areas of pooled fertilizer were pumped into a vac truck and will be land applied later.

Officials say dead fish were observed in the river and extent of the fish kill is still being determined.

DNR field staff remain on-site collecting samples. The investigation is on-going.

  • Along with the spill and letting atv’s tear up the sandbars and river banks along with riding in the river not going to be very good fishing. The atv’s have been reported many times but nothing gets done

  • How are these co-ops and responsible entities not immediately shut down pending further investigation. What type of culture of incompetence are we supporting? Are these the best stewards of our land I keep hearing about in the Des Moines legislature?

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