Iowa farmer is happy to be in the field

Schyler Bardole (image taken from a video on Twitter)

Fieldwork is underway in some parts of the Midwest.

Greene County, Iowa farmer Schyler Bardole says they were able to start strip-tilling this week.

“Fields are workable. I was out yesterday and there’s only spot that was a little wet—and it wasn’t really all that concerning,” Bardole says. “We didn’t get any strip-tilling done last fall, the way the fall was, so before we put our corn in the ground, we’ve got to get our strip-tilling done.”

Bardole says the coronavirus situation hasn’t had much impact on their farming operation so far.

“Probably the most noticeable one, aside from the way that the markets have reacted, is we had some parts for our strip-till that we’ve had on order and they’re taking a little longer to get here than what they normally do.”

But those are backup parts, so it’s not a problem right now, Bardole says.

“The only other thing we’re a little concerned about is anhydrous. Last year we had a little bit of a shortage in our area and we’re just kind of wondering if something like the coronavirus could duplicate that. We hope not. The co-op had said that it won’t. We’re not worried about it, but it’s on our radar.”

Bardole says they will likely stay with their 70/30 mix of corn to beans unless the market sends a strong signal to do otherwise.

Bardole lives about 30 miles west of Ames.

Audio: Schyler Bardole with Brownfield’s Ken Anderson

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