Iowa farmer says crop yields will be a mystery unless rain comes

A Northeast Iowa farmer says his crops look healthy despite little rain this growing season.

“They’re finding moisture somewhere, but I’m not sure where,” says Matt Hoeft of Charles City. He says timely rains have been hard to come by. “Just over two weeks since we’ve had any rain at all.  I think it was the 14th, I think it was a Wednesday was the last rain we had and before that it was 2-3 weeks before that if we had any rain.”

Hoeft tells Brownfield his biggest concern is how Mother Nature will affect crop yield. “We’ve got all of our spraying done.  We’ve sprayed fungicide on corn and soybeans.  Corn is pollinating.  Right now, we’re just questioning what we’re going to have out there as far as yield wise.”

Hoeft says disease and insect pressure have been relatively low in both crops.  

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