Iowa farmer says grain prices could use a boost

Southwest Iowa farmer Jeff Jorgenson says he expects another year of volatility in the grain markets.

“A lot of us have pretty expensive inputs that we’ve purchased through the last three months,” he said, “and we’re watching the prices of some of those (grains) retreat at the moment. We definitely want to get this thing off to a good start with as many dollars as we’re going to have in every acre.”

He tells Brownfield some input costs have come down since the fall, but more relief is needed.

“I think there’s still some inventories that have to get cleaned up or used up before we do have more of a retraction in (input) pricing,” Jorgenson said. “But you can’t wait too long. You kind of have to get what you need to make sure you’re ready to go in the spring.”

But Jorgenson says he’s optimistic they can raise a good crop this year.

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