Iowa farmer says weeds got a jump start

A central Iowa farmer says weeds got a jump start on crops this year.

Corey Hillebo of Polk City tells Brownfield mild conditions in February and March resulted in an early start to the growing season.

“We had a little bit of spring anhydrous to do, and (the weeds) were noticeable when we were doing that. Like boy, we were putting some anhydrous on in March and there were already some 3 and 4 inch weeds out there, and now they’re a foot tall.”

He says the problem is being compounded by a lack of days suitable for spraying herbicides.

“I think we’ve only had one and-a-half days of what I would call good spraying conditions. So we’re trying to burn stuff down, put pre’s on, things of that nature. And when you have 7 or 8 good days of planting but one and-a-half good days of spraying, something has to give there.”

Hillebo says as spring progresses, the window to use preemergence herbicides is closing fast.

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