Iowa farmer sees sustainable aviation fuel as next “ah ha” moment for ethanol

A southeast Iowa farmer is excited about the market potential of sustainable aviation fuel.

“It’s probably, maybe, could be, the next ‘ah ha’ moment for ethanol and corn demand.”

Dan Keitzer of Mediapolis says the government wants the airline industry to use three billion gallons of sustainable aviation fuel annually by 2030.

“Obviously ethanol can be a big part of that, also corn oil (and) soybean oil can be a big part of that.”

But while speaking to Brownfield at Commodity Classic in Houston last week, the Iowa Corn Growers Association district director suggested the runway for takeoff is not yet clear.

“Unfortunately, the ethanol that we currently produce in the Midwest coming out of most of our Midwest plants is not low enough in carbon to qualify to be able to be made by that.”

Keitzer says if corn ethanol becomes qualified and can reach even 30 percent of the sustainable aviation fuel market, it would increase corn demand by more than 800 million bushels per year.

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