Iowa farmer’s YouTube videos have ‘blossomed into a pretty big thing’

Carl Dodge of Masonville, Iowa

A growing number of farmers are using social media to help show the non-farming public how food is produced.  

Carl Dodge of Masonville, Iowa got started in the fall of 2018 when he produced a harvest video and posted it on YouTube to share with a cousin in Ohio.

“And then, before I knew it, a hundred or two-hundred people had watched that first video and said, ‘hey, can you make one about grain carting, or can you make one about something else’,” Dodge says, “So I just started doing more and more, and it’s just kind of blossomed into a pretty big thing that takes a fair amount of my time now—but I really enjoy it though.”

Dodge says he’s up to about 15-thousand subscribers. His videos show different aspects of the farming operation, which includes row crops and cattle.

“I’ve been receiving a lot of questions from people who are super far removed from ag, who have not idea what we’re doing, and want to know why we’re doing the things we’re doing and why we’re doing them the way that we’re doing them,” he says. “Some of the questions are asked in a fairly hostile manner, but for the most part people are just hungry for information because they’re so far removed from agriculture.”

Dodge’s YouTube channel is called Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch.

We spoke with Dodge at the recent Farmer2Farmer Conference in Omaha.

AUDIO: Carl Dodge
  • Carl What is the name of the song you use at the end of your videos in 2019 and 2020? You videos are very interesting as I am a retired farmer and really enjoy your work Keep it up Thank you Warren Wngstrom

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