Is ethanol a silver bullet for auto makers?

An alternative fuels expert says ethanol is the answer for auto makers looking to combat climate change.

Kristy Moore is the principal scientist at KMoore Consulting, where she works to develop opportunities for increased renewable fuels in domestic and global markets.

“We hear the auto makers. They are asking for octane, it’ll make their engines more efficient and not lose any performance, and we think ethanol is a silver bullet to many of those desires.”

She tells Brownfield while previous modeling was unclear, a new report from Environmental Health and Engineering at Harvard University shows the carbon intensity score for corn ethanol is 46% lower than conventional gasoline, making it a big player for climate change solutions.

She says as the two largest gasoline markets globally, the US and China will set the example for climate change solutions moving forward.

“I really think other countries will take notice and introduce robust ethanol programs just as the US and China have.”

She says ethanol provides carbon reductions without loss of performance and energy supplies which is a solution that auto makers are looking for.

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