John Deere announces future layoffs

John Deere has announced its intent to layoff some of its global production and salaried workforce in the coming months. 

In an email to employees, the company cited rising operational costs and declining market demand leading to overall structural changes to reduce redundancy in roles and responsibilities.   

The number of affected employees or locations were not announced, and the reduction in salaried workforce is expected by the end of the third quarter. 

Officials say the move is in conjunction with other cost control measures, including a hiring freeze, and allows Deere to continue investing into cutting-edge products for their customers.

The company has already announced 684 layoffs this year between plants in Iowa and Illinois. 

  • I think it’s ********* that JohnDeere is moving the Mid size SKID STEER TO MEXICO ! THEY MOVED THE SMALLS TO MEXICO ABOUT 2 YEARS AGO !!! THE LARGE FRAME SKID STEER IS NEXT……….MARK MY WORDS !!!!!

    **Admin edited comment to remove language**

  • Greedy corporation. They are on track for 3rd highest earning in over 180 years. They will lay off a ton, work those that remain I to the ground. All for the sake of DEI and new executive hires who have no clue what they are doing. Coming from companies who have declared bankruptcy into Deere which has always excelled. Good job John. Keep that executive pay padded buddy!

  • Error in the story – the email sent to staff stated end of Q3. This isn’t September like your story states. It is July. Deere works on a fiscal year beginning Nov 1.

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