John Deere announces more layoffs

John Deere has announced another round of layoffs.  This time at its Moline facility.

The company is cutting 34 workers from the Moline Cylinder Works effective the end of May.  The facility employs about 280 total workers. 

A statement from John Deere said the size of its workforce needs to be balanced with the amount of production. 

This is the third round of layoffs for the company this year.  In March, it laid off over 460 workers between plants in Waterloo and Ankeny, Iowa. 

  • I once worked at Henry Dreyfuss Associates in Woodridge, NJ. Deere & Company had property in the Curtiss Wright Plant for years. I answered to a man that once worked under Henry Dreyfuss himself named William E. Crookes. I never understood why the Dreyfuss NYC office had such a problem with getting people to work at Curtiss Wright
    They asked me once, & I accommodated. The work was good stuff for its time back in ’93 -’95 for me. We did design work for John Deere: Horicon, Waterloo, Moline, Harvester Works, & Dubugure.

  • John deere is not what it was aside from arrogant. That’s been the case my whole life. If the equipment was better, it’s not now.

  • Making billions in profits to line shareholders pockets and pad their bottom line and then lay off the people that make the machines that. And sending an entire line of machines to a different country and out more people out of jobs. John Deere has no concept of how to take care of their employees. I speak from experience. Literally broke my back working there and then got put out on the curb. I lost my house, my car and had to completely start my life over.

  • Lay off the hardworking men while they continue to make millions daily from the service to new equipment

  • They lay the floor people off. They are the one’s who actually make the company money. But keep the bloated management, which is nothing but expense.

  • If new equipment didn’t cost a million dollars for a something with 8 or 900 HP or most everything forestry you would be busier the price of everything is so out of control something has to change or we’re all in trouble just my opinion

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