Judge overturns Missouri 391 restraining order

A judge Thursday set aside a restraining order that prevented Missouri’s Senate Bill 391 from taking effect. That law, originally to have been implemented on August 28th, prevents counties from enacting animal agriculture ordinances stricter than state laws. Robert Brundage, the attorney representing the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association, the Missouri Pork Association and the Missouri Farm Bureau, tells Brownfield the judge’s order is good news for his clients.

“And now, without this temporary restraining order in place, the law [391] is clearly in effect across the state of Missouri,” Brundage told Brownfield Ag News Friday, “and anyone who is adversely affected by any of these local health ordinances would be free to file any litigation against any counties trying to enforce these unlawful ordinances.”

Thursday’s ruling is not the last word. There’s a hearing September 16, which could result in an injunction against the state law.

“It would not be a final decision at that point,” said Brundage, “but it could put back n place an injunction against the state and my clients from enforcing or implementing Senate Bill 391.”

The action seeking to block 391 was brought by the group Friends of Responsible Agriculture, three Missouri farmers, the Cedar County Commission and the Cooper County Public Health Center.

AUDIO: Robert Brundage

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