Just-in-time rainfall could result in some “surprisingly good yields”

Many areas across the Midwest have received just-in-time moisture, according to Eric Snodgrass, senior science fellow and principal atmospheric scientist with Nutrien Ag Solutions.

“Some places have even gotten too much. We’ve had flooding in Missouri, we’ve had flooding in southern Illinois, flooding in Indiana, and we even have more rain that’s coming up in the forecast, which means some of the crop right now, through this critical month of August, is kind of getting exactly what it needed to finish,” he says.

He tells Brownfield there are some areas that have not received timely rains.

“This isn’t to say there aren’t people really hurting in this pattern. I can think of sections of Illinois, parts of Iowa, spots in Indiana, and the northern plains. There are some folks in the northern corridor of North Dakota right now experiencing the driest last 35 days in history for that area,” he says. “In July and early August, there have been places that have not measured anything. But then you compare that to some other spots and wonder who can make up for the losses and right now it looks as though a big section of the Midwest is going to have some surprisingly good yields.”

Brownfield interviewed Snodgrass during a DEKALB/Asgrow field day in Elizabethtown, Indiana.

He gave a presentation on conditions throughout the planting and growing season including drought conditions, movement in the Bermuda High pressure system, and severe storms across much of the Midwest.

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