Keeping beef the center of the plate protein

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association is working to keep demand for beef high despite higher retail prices. 

Rising beef prices at the grocery store have some consumers slowing down their purchases.  But, NCBA Chef Alex Reitz says that’s not the only solution to getting the most out of your protein budget.

“Buying in bulk and making something like ground beef last throughout the whole week to make tacos and sloppy joes and a meatloaf,” he said. “You can stretch that dollar.”

He tells Brownfield he spends his time in the test kitchen curating recipes for home chefs that highlight beef as the center of the plate protein.

“We’re keeping ingredients simple and easy,” Reitz said. “We’re using ingredients that consumers find in their own home. We’re keeping the list of ingredients super short, so that way it’s quick and easy.”

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