Knee high by the fourth of June? Yes

While the frequent rains have kept many Wisconsin farmers from planting on time, one Janesville area farmer already has some knee-high corn.

Doug Rebout says he’s never seen a year like this, and with almost no snow over the winter, he was able to strip till very early. “This year, we were able to do all of the strip tilling in late February and early March, which is the earliest we’ve ever done. Then we had three weeks of rain, and as soon as that ended, we were ready to go plant right there in the middle to later April.

Rebout says the strip tilling allowed fields to dry out sooner, allowing him to plant corn and soybeans earlier, but he still has some neighbors dealing with weather delays. “We still have some unplanted fields down here yet, so we’ve got a little bit of everything from the early plant to still waiting to get in and get it planted.”

Rebout says all of their corn and soybeans were in the ground by the first week of May, and with Monday’s three and a half inches of rain, he’s hoping the soybeans survive in a couple of low spots where the runoff water is ponding. 

While most area farmers are thinking about fieldwork, Rebout is working on grain bins.

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