Lawmakers identify ways to rebalance U.S. economic relationship with China

A U.S. Congressman from South Dakota says lawmakers have decided to endorse 150 policy proposals to rebalance the U.S. economic relationship with China.

Dusty Johnson is on the U.S. Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party and tells Brownfield a report endorsed by the committee addresses foreign ag land ownership.

“We do call out the China Communist Party shouldn’t be able to invest in American farmland or ag processing and the report calls for a far more robust role for the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States.”

Farmers For Free Trade has expressed concerns the committee was considering a repeal of China’s Permanent Normal Trade Relations status, but Johnson says a repeal was not included in the proposals.

“Right now, countries with Permanent Normalized Trade Relations get the lowest tariff rates. It makes it very easy for countries to exchange products and services.”

He says if that status were to be repealed, there would be higher tariff rates and China might retaliate on U.S. soybeans.

Johnson says there might be a path forward for a broader legislative package that would include the 150 policy proposals from the committee and address the U.S. and China relationship.

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