Lead times still a struggle for new equipment

Some farmers and equipment dealers say they’re frustrated that lead times for new equipment are about a year.

Illinois farmer Dave Rumboldt tells Brownfield he purchased two combines last spring, “they said they would deliver the combines in August or September. And, then it was October. Then it was November. Then we had 50 or 60 acres left and they just brought one out.”

During a tour of CLAAS headquarters in Germany this week, Southwest Kansas equipment dealer owner Bruce Baldwin says the issue is slowly improving, “New tractors – lead times are pretty tough. If you don’t have it on order and you don’t have another dealer willing to help you or if you don’t have product on the ground, it is getting difficult.”

He says availability of some parts are in short supply, “Whether it is rural workforce or inputs like steel, electronics – it seems like you may see equipment that is built, but it’s not deliverable because it’s not completed.”

Baldwin says lead times for combines aren’t as bad as tractors, but that is still a six month wait.

Brownfield’s Kellan Heavican toured CLASS headquarters this week in Bielefeld, Germany.

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