Learning about sustainability in the supply chain

From farm to harvest and processing facilities, the U.S. beef industry continues to make significant improvements in sustainability.  Participants of the Young Cattlemen’s Conference had an opportunity to see the processing sector of the supply chain. 

Mandy Atterholt, an Ohio beef producer, toured Empirical Foods — a co-packer and processor based in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota. “What used to be trim and scrap, and they turn that into a high percentage lean product that’s feeding even more people,” he says.”I think that is just such an awesome example of technology and sustainability and advancements that are helping everyone in this case.”

Justin Robbins a cow/calf operator from Iowa says the tour of the Tyson harvest facility was eye opening. “The little amount from one head of beef that’s actually gotten rid of didn’t blow my mind, but it was pretty close,” he says. It’s the ears and the tail switch.”

The group is visiting with Certified Angus Beef today before heading to Washington, D.C.

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