Legislation to keep wind and solar projects off productive farmland to be re-introduced

Legislation designed to help keep growing food on productive farmland died in Congress. 

Wisconsin Congressman Tom Tiffany tells Brownfield his Future Agriculture Retention and Management, or FARM Act will have to be re-introduced in the new year. “The FARM Act never even got a hearing.”

Tiffany says America needs to stop providing subsidies to wind and solar generation on productive farmland. “We need to grow food in America. It’s the most important thing that we do, and anything that prevents us from growing food, we should not be doing, so I expect to advance some CRP changes, also.”

Tiffany says with Republicans taking over the House, he’s optimistic his bills will not be buried in committee and get a hearing next time around.

  • Thank you. I live west of Dodgeville. Currently there are about 3000 acres covered in solar panels south west of Cobb, and it is the best soil in the state. Soil name is Tama. We’ve had 21 windmills for over 20 years but now there are 49 in Lafayette County, another 20 or 30 being built between Monfort and Livingston and Grant County and there are supposedly 170 to 180 coming in east of Highway 80 from Livingston to Dodgeville down through mineral point. This is so tragic what are used to be a beautiful and robust agricultural area has now turned into a commercial industrial site overnight. They’re also putting in those huge ATC lines which are at least 150 feet tall some look like they’re 200 feet in the air.

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