Likelihood of getting a farm bill passed this year continues to dwindle

Time is running out for Congress to get a farm bill accomplished in 2024.   

The head lobbyist for NCBA says he hasn’t changed his opinion on Congress’ ability to get it across the finish line. Ethan Lane says, “I still think we’re spring of next year before we really are having an honest conversation about passing a farm bill.”

He tells Brownfield the current tone in Washington, D.C makes any progress a challenge. “With the Freedom Caucus antics and all of the other problems we’re all highly aware of, with those tight majorities there just isn’t going to be, I don’t believe, the time on the schedule or the right political environment for that bill to move in a responsible way across the House floor,” he says.  “Never mind whatever is going on in the Senate.” 

He says the November election could change that. “One thing we know about budget-hawks that won’t vote for anything with any kind of a dollar amount attached to it when a Democrat is President, is when a Republican becomes President, all of that goes out the window,” he says.  “And they pass whatever they need to pass if their party leadership is moving that direction.” 

Lane says the farm bill and its negotiations are just one of the issues up for discussion at NCBA’s Summer Business Meeting this week. 

AUDIO: Ethan Lane, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association

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