Look for early signs of crop stress

Corn farmers are encouraged to look for early season signs of stress.

Pioneer agronomist Jonathan Rotz says regular scouting is important.

“One of the things that we have to watch is that we don’t just look for that crop to spike and then just forget it until the next pass with the sprayer or whatever else. And one of the things that I’m going to really look for are areas of the field that just appear to be either holding their own or going backwards.”

He tells Brownfield symptoms could be visible above ground or below.

“So if we have an area of the field that just looks like maybe it’s not thriving the way other parts are, or a couple rows (are struggling). I’m going to dig that up and really look at my root structure as well as root coloration just to make sure that everything that’s below ground looks healthy.”

On the plant, Rotz says growers should be looking for damage from insect feeding.

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