Looking at spring planting with wet ground

Missouri farmers are looking toward spring planting with a lot of wet ground. Mike Moreland is president of the Missouri Corn Growers Association, “If you’re a long a river, you know, a lot of levees or most of the levees haven’t been fixed. So I’m going into this spring cautiously because any big weather event, rain event, and there could be a lot more flooding again this year so we’re kind of looking at whatever we can do to help the guys on the rivers.”

Moreland told Brownfield at Commodity Classic that his farm in Harrisonville (in west central Missouri) did not have to endure flooding last year like a lot of farms did.

“We don’t have any bottom ground, so we’re pretty lucky in that aspect. Didn’t have any flood ground. We did have some, about 200 acres, along a creek that did flood but most of our ground is upland.”

Brownfield interviewed Moreland at Commodity Classic.

~Brownfield’s Rhiannon Branch interviews Mike Moreland in San Antonio

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