Lurkins serving as co-chair of federal EPA committee

Photo Credit: Illinois Farm Bureau

The Director of Environmental Policy at Illinois Farm Bureau has been appointed as vice chair of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Farm, Ranch and Rural Communities Committee.

Lauren Lurkins tells Brownfield she is excited to take on the new role as an advocate for farmers and to form deeper connections with EPA and other committee members.

“It is supposed to be able to provide independent policy advice, information and recommendations to the EPA administrator on a whole host of environmental issues and policies that are important to agriculture and more rural communities.”

Lurkins is one of 33 members appointed to the committee, which was created in 2008, but has been vacant since 2016. She says reviving the committee shows the EPA is working to connect with agriculture and restore trust.

“We have not solved that issue, there is still quite a bit of stuff that is not perfect. But a big indication of where they are headed with the vision is actually this kind of appointment.”

Lurkins began her term last week and will serve for two to three years.

Comments from an interview with Lauren Lurkins

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