Make harvest safety a priority for kids on the farm

Many children take part in harvest activities on the farm – and the leading farm insurer says their safety needs to be a priority.

Jason Berkland, associate vice president of risk management with Nationwide, says adults on the farm must consider whether harvest activities are age appropriate for children.

“Think about, are PTO shafts guarded? Are kids working around flowing grain? Are belts, conveyors, augers guarded? Everything you can think of before bringing children into that atmosphere, that environment.”

Labor is in short supply on many farms – so Berkland says safeguards for children need to be in place.

“So, if they’re watching an auger do they know to stay back, not to go within a certain area? Can you put up a safety barrier so they’re not going up there to see what’s going on?”

He says to make sure there are shut off switches – and remove keys from equipment so kids aren’t tempted. Last year, 60% of children injured in agriculture accidents were doing some type of work on the farm. 

This is National Farm Safety and Health Week.

Interview with Jason Bergland ^^

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