Managing weeds without key herbicides

A huge concern of growers is the expected shortage of key herbicides for next year.

MU Weed Scientist Dr. Kevin Bradley says he’s heard concerns his entire career about potential herbicide shortages.

“This one’s not potential. This one’s real and it could really impact our weed management programs in 2022.”

He says growers will have to use residuals in both corn and soybean but, certainly, soybean is the number one thing that I think we’re going to have difficulty with. And we’re going to use residuals pre-emergence AND post-emergence if at all possible.”

If glyphosate or glufosinate cannot be obtained, soybean growers will need to use the approved dicamba for Xtend and 2-4D for Enlist – MIXING it with a class-1 grass herbicide like Select Max. 

Bradley tells Brownfield Ag News it’s not ideal,  “But if you have no other choice,” Bradley says, “I think we can make that work.”

Interview with Dr. Kevin Bradley ^

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