Many Americans think AI will reduce cost, improve quality of food

A new study by California-based Ceres Imaging finds that many Americans think Artificial Intelligence will benefit the ag industry.

Ashwin Madgavkar is the CEO of Ceres Imaging.

“People are looking at the technology to help reduce the cost of food and improve food quality, nutrition, and security,” he says.

He tells Brownfield many Americans believe AI will be especially helpful as farmers continue to face retaliatory tariffs, low commodity prices, and other challenges.

“A lot of excitement around helping framers on their recent pain points,” he says. “Pain points have been around weather variability creating resource shortages, labor, and different field issues.”

Madgavkar says AI alone won’t solve these challenges, but it will allow farmers to cover more ground.

More than 2,000 American adults participated in the survey.

Some of the other results include:

  • 61 percent say AI will help make better use of global resources.
  • 40 percent say AI will make farming less labor-intensive and will improve efficiency, leading to a surplus of crops.
  • 80 percent say they would like to see AI in agriculture if it reduces cost of fruits and vegetables.
  • 55 percent say AI will help farmers determine areas of concern in fields.

Ceres Imaging is a provider of aerial imagery for farmers and ag companies. For more information click here.

Audio: Ashwin Madgavkar, Ceres Imaging 

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