May egg production dips

U.S. egg production during May was down 2% on the year at 9.1 billion. That included 7.81 billion table eggs and 1.3 billion hatching eggs, most of which were broiler-type.

The USDA says that was due to a smaller number of layers, 371 million head, a decline of 3%, canceling out an improved rate of lay, up 1% to 78.9 eggs per 100 layers.

That year-to-year dip in the number of layers was at least partially due to reports of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in some flocks.

The number of egg-type chicks hatched and placements for future supply flocks were both 1% lower, while the number of broiler-type chicks and placements were both 1% higher.

The USDA’s updated annual egg production estimate is out July 12th.

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