Meat processors address growing demand for “clean labels”

Demand for clean labels on food is increasing as more Generation Z shoppers enter the marketplace.

Abbey Davidson with the American Association of Meat Processors tells Brownfield consumers are showing a greater interest in simpler looking labels with more natural ingredients.

“Some clean label options for meat processors specifically here in the Midwest are really focusing on the organic and grass fed clean labels. So, if you can meet all of the stipulations to get those names on your labels, that is a significant part of increasing your profit margin and selling products to consumers in this area.”

But she says there are some simpler changes local meat processors can add to their labels to make them more attractive to consumers.  

“You might be able to change the names of the foreign, chemical-sounding, complicated names with something less scary. For example, you could exchange dextrose with sugar.”

She says labeling consultants and University outreach specialists can help processors add clarity to their labels and still meet USDA requirements.

Brownfield interviewed Davidson at the Illinois Association of Meat Processors and Indiana Meat Packers and Processors Association Convention in Effingham, Illinois on Friday.

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