Meet the 2018-2019 National FFA Officers

The six students who will lead and represent the National FFA Organization over the next year were selected during the 91st National FFA Convention.

Luke O’Leary of California is the new national FFA president.

His advice for FFA members who want to do something similar is to start small.

“All those combined small actions add up for our organization and within a chapter they add up for each individual student,” he says.

Audio: Luke O’Leary, National FFA President 

Michigan native Adrian Schunk will serve as eastern region vice president. She says she is most looking forward to meeting FFA members.

“At the end of the year that’s what matters and I’m so excited to start those conversations right now,” she says.

Audio: Adrian Schunk, National FFA Eastern Region Vice President 

Layni LeBlanc of Louisiana is the new national secretary.

She says she is looking forward to letting FFA members know they don’t need to have an ag background to be successful in the organization.

“The FFA and ag education is really for any student no matter where you come from, who you are, or what you’re looking to do in life,” she says.

Audio: Layni LeBlanc, National FFA Secretary 

Ridge Hughbanks of Oklahoma will serve as central region vice president, Jordan Stowe of Alabama represents the southern region, and Shea Booster of Oregon represents the western region.

The National officers will travel more than 100,000 national and international miles and meet with FFA members, teachers, corporate sponsors, industry leaders, government and education officials, state FFA leaders and more.

O’Leary is an ag leadership and development major at Texas A&M University. He says he hopes to work in law or government relations for an ag company.

Schunk is a communications major at Michigan State University. She says she would love to go into leadership development in the ag industry and work for a company that does coaching and training for representing the industry in a positive light.

LeBlanc is an animal science and science and technology major at Louisiana State University. She also has a concentration in pre-veterinary medicine and a minor in communication.

Ridge Hughbanks is an agribusiness major at Oklahoma State University. He would like to be an attorney in the Midwest, but he’d also like to work on his family farm.

Audio: Ridge Hughbanks, National FFA Central Region Vice President 

Jordan Stowe is an agriscience education major at Auburn University. She says she would like to work in international relations and teach people overseas about the importance of ag through Agricore.

Audio: Jordan Stowe: Southern Region Vice President 

Shea Booster is an ag business management major at Oregon State University. He says he would like to work for an ag company and eventually work for his father’s leadership consulting and public speaking company.

Audio: Shea Booster: Western Region Vice President 

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