Michigan ag committees join to hear current challenges

Several years of low prices along with this year’s difficult growing season has been tough on some farmers emotionally and financially. Michigan’s House and Senate Ag Committees held a hearing Tuesday to learn how the state can help.

House Ag Committee Chair Julie Alexander knows firsthand the challenges farmers are facing. She’s married to one. 

“We know, we understand, we live these challenges.  But, when we look at the entire agriculture committee, not everyone has that ag background so its important that we all what the challenges are and how they’ll impact the urban and suburban areas, not only maybe the price they pay to put the food on the table, but the implications when agriculture, when commodities suffer, the implications that trickle down.”   

Senate Ag Committee Chair Kevin Daley tells Brownfield it’s a year of unknowns and they want to collect the facts on federal and state issues. 

“What we’re going through in our state is something that we’ve never gone through before. A spring like we had—it’s yet to be seen exactly how this is going to turn out.”    

The committees are expected to continue the conversation with commodity groups to hear about more in-depth issues farmers are facing. 

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