Michigan Wheat meeting to provide insights on weather & marketing

A wet end to the 2019 harvest left many Michigan farmers unable to plant winter wheat.

Michigan Wheat Program executive director Jody Pollok-Newsom tells Brownfield soon growers will be deciding what fields need to be abandoned or necessary management to make them viable.

“USDA says about 500,000 acres of wheat when it, that seems pretty optimistic when you talk with industry and growers.  I think we’re going to have to wait to see a little bit to see where we’re at and what those numbers actually look like.”

The checkoff will host their annual meeting next week where weather and marketing will be a focus.

“With coronavirus, what does that mean for the global economy, what could that possibly mean for wheat prices, how does all of this come together?  I think this is just a really, really tough time for those growers to make some of those crop decisions and marketing decisions.”

Pollok-Newsom says the checkoff has also started researching spring wheat and crossing it with winter wheat to allow livestock growers more acres for manure spreading.

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