Mild winter likely to affect spring migration

Some experts believe the mild winter is affecting spring migration.

Minnesota Board of Animal Health executive director Dr. Brian Hoefs says abnormally warm conditions have changed the flight patterns of migrating birds.

“We actually saw that last spring. We expected a big high-path season spring, and really it didn’t show up to a very large extent. We had a handful of backyard flocks, but that was it. So it’s anyone’s guess at this point.”

He tells Brownfield biosecurity is crucial for poultry producers during spring migration to prevent the spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza.

“Also if you have other animals that are in direct contact with those animals, keep your birds in while the migratory season is going on. And then also keep your other livestock away from areas that are going to be exposed to those (wild birds).”

Hoefs says if there’s open water exposed to migratory waterfowl, keep livestock away from that source if possible.

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