Millennials unlike any other beef customers

The sustainability director for beef packer JBS-USA says millennials are different than any other consumers and are changing the marketplace.

“They have a tremendous ability to identify sort of fact from fiction and how authentic the story is,” said Kim Stackhouse-Lawson, who is also past chairperson of the US Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, “and they’re ok with real life.”

Stackhouse-Lawson calls them belief buyers who value what’s truthful.

“I think that’s a tremendous opportunity for us to help them understand our day-to-day and the life of an animal on a ranch and the life of an animal in a feed yard,” said Stackhouse-Lawson, in an interview with the American Angus Association, “and yes, that that animal is harvested and then put on their plate.”

AUDIO: Feature with Kim Stackhouse-Lawson provided by the American Angus Association

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