Mink amendment could cross over into other sectors

The Animal Ag Alliance says other ag sectors should be closely watching what happens with federal legislation that would end mink farming.

Communications specialist Emily Solis tells Brownfield an amendment backed by several animal rights groups in the recently passed U.S. House America COMPETES Act bans mink production in the U.S. and could have dangerous ramifications on other animal ag industries.

“They’re claiming roughly 80 percent of mink fur grown and raised in the U.S. is sold to China so that’s where they’re trying to make that connection,” she says.

Solis says if fully passed she would expect animal extremists to target other sectors of animal agriculture.

“Citing that raising animals indoors, in barns, or in any type of confined spaces are the prefect ‘breeding grounds’ for the next pandemic,” she says.

As the bill moves to conference, Solis says groups need to speak out on the precedent it could set and counter the narrative with testimony from farmers themselves.

Similar legislation has been introduced in Washington state to eliminate the mink industry and Solis says ballot and local initiatives continue to serve as tactics of extremists.

Wisconsin is the largest mink-producing state followed by Utah.

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