Minnesota ag leaders respond to farm bill extension

Ag leaders in Minnesota are weighing in on the one-year extension of the farm bill.

Minnesota Farm Bureau vice president Carolyn Olson says while an extension provides certainty, she’s concerned election year politics will interfere as negotiations move into 2024.

“We really need some of these numbers updated. Five years ago most dairy farmers have changed how many cows they have, or what their production numbers are. So being able to update numbers is something that we’ve asked for.”

Minnesota Farmers Union president Gary Wertish tells Brownfield Congress cannot sit back and wait.

“We really need to get working on that hard in the next few months and really have to try and get something done by late spring at the latest, because once you get past that point then you really get into election year politics and then this year we have a presidential election so it’s really going to take over.”

Wertish says the current farm bill is working well but there are some tweaks that would make the next one more equitable for all farmers and ranchers.

Carolyn Olson interview:

Gary Wertish interview:

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