Minnesota farmer harvesting edible beans and lifting sugarbeets

Harvest is rolling for a west-central Minnesota farmer who grows corn, soybeans, sugarbeets, edible beans, alfalfa, and raises beef cattle.

Noah Hultgren of Raymond says he’s cut his fourth alfalfa crop and began harvesting dark red kidney beans last week.

“And yesterday we started lifting sugarbeets. Normally we start a little earlier, but this is (just) the way the timing worked out this year I guess.”

Speaking to Brownfield Tuesday, he says the beet crop looks promising despite a very dry summer.

“Edible beans and soybeans, some of the rain late might’ve helped the soybeans some. I don’t know that it really helped the edible beans at all. I think in the end it’ll probably be an average crop this year.”

Hultgren also anticipates an average corn crop and points to silage chopped in his area.  He says silage yields on low ground were really good but poor on high ground.

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