Minnesota farmer on planting delays: “It’s go time”

A Northwest Minnesota farmer is past the point of waiting for ideal planting conditions.

Theresia Gillie grows wheat and soybeans in Kittson County and tells Brownfield a very wet April has prevented her from getting any fieldwork done.

She’s hopeful a couple more days of sunshine will allow her to begin planting into a seedbed that will be far from perfect.

“It’s just going to be go time. It’ll be one of those things where you have to go around anything that’s wet, any ditch. We’ve done this before. It makes it a little bit more difficult with your RTK system and your Precision Planting because it just gets to be more cumbersome, but we can do it.”

Gillie plans to stick with her crop rotation despite the delays.

“I’m going to try to keep things as close as possible. I pre-purchased my fertilizer, so I want to get my wheat in. The price of wheat is up and I’d sure like to get that in, (and) the same with soybeans.”

But she says anytime crops get planted past mid-May yield expectations go down.

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