Minnesota farmer says parts are hard to come by this spring

Southwest Minnesota farmer Nathan Collins says parts are hard to come by.

“We ordered sweeps for our field cultivator months ahead (and) got enough to replace all of them if we need to. But we called back to just get a handful more and they said they were out of shovels. (So I asked) when they would get them in (and was told) it would be a while. So I’m glad we ordered those early.”

The corn and soybean grower from Murdock tells Brownfield they also had to make a unique repair to the planter this spring.

“By unique (I mean) it doesn’t happen very often, and we actually had to not go through the dealership. We found some of the parts we needed on Craigslist, Facebook, and talking to different people and were able to scavenge up what we needed.”

Collins says they’ve learned to be adaptive.

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