Mint-based herbicide could offer solution for resistant weeds

A new herbicide technology derived from mint plants could help growers battle resistant weeds.

Harpe BioHerbicide Solutions Co-Founder Daniel Pepitone tells Brownfield mint is readily available and contains a molecular compound that has been found effective for weed control.

“We’ve created formulations that can be used pre, post-burndown, as well as desiccation,” he explains.  “Solo products, and then in combination with a range of chemistries to really improve their efficacy.”

Pepitone says while the company is still in the research and development phase, he hopes to sell the technology in the next year and speed up its availability.

“That’s the fastest way we think this technology can get in the hands of farmers,” he says.

Pepitone says the chemistry is also being filed for organic approval.

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