Miscellaneous Tariff Bill Reform Act introduced in U.S. House

A bill in the U.S. House would renew a trade program that reduces input costs for farmers and ranchers.

U.S. Congressman Adrian Smith says the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill Reform Act would make U.S.-manufactured goods more competitive in domestic and international markets. “What has happened over the years is there have been layers of tariffs added on things that come in and that just increases the costs. There are no other places to acquire these products and it really impacts agriculture.”

The legislation would approve duty-free treatment of products recommended under the 2019 application process created by the American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act through December 31, 2025, in order to support domestic manufacturers who participated in that process in a good faith manner, provide retroactive duty relief on those items, back to January 1, 2021, make technical changes to align exemptions with the most recent revision of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule, align exclusions with the U.S. trade policy toward China excluding products subject to Section 301 tariffs while allowing American manufacturers to continue accessing parts which had Section 301 exclusions as of December 31, 2020, and reauthorize the ITC-based process for future Miscellaneous Tariff Bills creating new opportunities for American manufacturers to apply for domestically unavailable inputs in 2025 and 2028.

Smith, a Republican from Nebraska, tells Brownfield the bill can help reduce trade barriers for the ag industry. “Fact of the matter is, there just hasn’t been a trade agenda from the White House. We see Mexico keeping our corn out and really trying to undermine USMCA, and President Biden has effectively given them a pass.”

Smith says legislation has been supported by numerous stakeholder groups, including the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) the American Chemistry Council (ACC), and CropLife America (CLA).

AUDIO: U.S. Congressman Adrian Smith (R-NE) 5-20-2024

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