MO Farm Bureau calling for farmers to comment on WOTUS

Missouri Farm Bureau’s President is calling for farmer support against the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers reinstating the Obama-era Waters of the U.S. rule.

Garrett Hawkins tells Brownfield farmers need to be heard before the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers’ public comment period ends today.

“We know you’re tired; we’re all tired of having this discussion,” he said. “But we know what happens if we don’t engage, the pendulum will swing back and swing back in a way that we don’t like.”

Hawkins said farmers have been caught in the crossfire ever since the WOTUS debate began in the 70’s. He says the critical nexus test, which the Biden administration is pushing for, is overreaching because rain events impact every acre of ag land.

“We all want clean water, but this truly is a private property rights issue when you look at where you draw that line of jurisdiction and how involved or not involved the EPA and Corps of Engineers are in our daily farming activities.
He said while the group is pleased the U.S. Supreme Court is taking up the Waters of the U.S. case, Congress must set the final definition. Hawkins says until Congress draws a ‘bright line’…

“We’re going to continue to see this regulatory swing every time we have a change of administrations,” Hawkins said. “The unfortunate part for all of us is that the swing is getting wider or more radical it seems like each time.”

Garrett Hawkins Interview

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