MO farmer: corn ok, longer planting window needed for soybeans

A farmer in west-central Missouri says the corn is coming up ok, but constant rains continue to delay soybean planting.

Garrett Riekhof tells Brownfield “every spring is an adventure and this one, we started out thinking we would be wondering what we’d do with our May and here we are, waiting to plant the rest of the soybeans.”

He says most of Lafayette County could use a planting window of at least one week of warm, dry conditions to wrap up planting. In some fields he says some corn and soybean stands have weakened due to the excess moisture and some farmers are trying to decide if they’ll replant.

Riekhof also says the constant rain mixed in with a few sunny days has encouraged weeds to grow quickly and it’s been a challenge to get control of the weeds in wet fields.

Photo credit: Garrett Riekhof

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