MOFB says USMCA is a win but could have some hiccups

The US Mexico Canada Agreement went into effect Wednesday and Missouri Farm Bureau’s president said USMCA is a win for farmers but could have some hiccups.

Blake Hurst tells Brownfield Mexico’s refusal to accept biotech traits in recent years could cause conflicts with USMCA.

“As we see it, it’s in direct contravention of the agreement; they’re not doing what they promised to do,” he said.

Hurst said if legal action was required, Mexico doesn’t have much ground to stand on.

“I think anybody looking at this rationally and looking at the agreements that Mexico signed and looking at the science would see that this is perhaps being done for domestic political reasons, but it’s certainly a non-tariff trade barrier that we’re going to have to complain about,” he said

Hurst said while USMCA won’t have an immediate impact, it will lead to long term support of US agriculture.

“These trade agreements are long-term in nature and so, any benefits we see will be over the next few years, but we think it is good news for farmers and God knows we need some,” he said.

The agreement is estimated to increase U.S. ag exports by $2 billion a year.

Blake Hurst Interview

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