Moisture, pests causing crop problems in Wisconsin

Weather and pests have made 2024 a tough year for many Wisconsin farmers.

Pat Mullooly is the President of the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board, and a farmer in Grant County just a few miles north of the Illinois state line.  He says most crops are looking good but there have been some problems. “There’s some concerns with low-lying areas that are drowned out. We’ve had a tremendous problem with slugs in the area. We’ve had to replant a few beans because the slugs are eating them off faster than they come up, but overall, the crop looks okay.”

Mullooly says he has an area where soybeans had to be planted twice and he’s hoping they come up.  He says slugs aren’t the only pest problem this year. “Between slugs and, actually, we’ve never seen it before, millipedes are working at the beans as well.”

Mullooly says growers around the state and in his neighborhood are all talking about pest issues and more. “Plus the weather issues. The prevent plant in areas, and trying to get the crop in and trying to get it taken care of with the spraying done and your nitrogen on your corn, and things like that, first-crop hay getting made or not getting made if it’s too wet to get in the field (is what I’m) hearing from my neighbors.”

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration data shows parts of Wisconsin have received up to 26 inches of rain this year so far.

AUDIO: Pat Mullooly discusses items on the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board agenda and he discusses some crop issues he’s experienced so far.

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