More rain expected for the Midwest in near-term

An ag meteorologist says don’t expect a weeklong stretch of dry weather for planting until the end of May or early June in the Midwest.

Drew Lerner with World Weather Incorporated says a ridge of high pressure will develop over the next week, which could lower the chances of rain. Until then he says “there will be 1 to 2 inches of rain easily across the western Corn Belt, west of the Mississippi River out into part of the Plains. There will be pockets in the 2 to 3.5 inches of rain.”

Lerner says the heavier rains are expected from the Missouri Ozarks up into Minnesota and there are pockets of the Midwest that won’t have as heavy of rainfall.

“Northern Missouri, Iowa, eastern Kansas and southeastern Nebraska will likely miss out on the heaviest rains, but it will still rain and 1 to 2 inches is still very likely in the coming week.”

He says there’s always a chance the ridge of high pressure doesn’t intensify and there will be some “feedback moisture” which will cause more rain and thunderstorms.

“It has to be a strong ridge in order for us to sustain a week’s worth of dry weather. We’re going to try hard, but don’t be surprised if it fails the first time we go through that.”

Lerner says the lower part of the Delta are done with heavy rains, but heavy rains are expected to continue in the northern part of the region moving forward.

“In the next week to 10 days, we’ll probably see 1 to 3 inches across Arkansas into western Tennessee, the Bootheel of Missouri and the lower parts of the Ohio River Valley. There could be some flooding in parts of that region.”

Lerner also says the transition to summer will gradually bring dry conditions and stress for crops in parts of the Midwest. 

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