MSUE Dairy Team partners with Ukrainian dairy industry

Extension educators at Michigan State University recently presented to farmers in Ukraine on ways to increase milk production with limited resources.

Phil Durst tells Brownfield the request built upon relationships formed in 2014 when MSU was part of the Ukrainian Dairy Congress.

“They had access to a lot of the same technologies that we do, the markets were not well developed, there were still problems with processing—it was a dairy industry that was really set to grow and to thrive,” he explains.  “Certainly the war set them back.”

Durst says Ukraine’s dairy industry remains impacted by war, trade, and labor, but the farmers there want to feed their nation.

“The cow here and the cow there are the same critter,” he says.  “The basics of feeding those animals are the same, you’ve got to get the basics right and if you don’t, nothing else really matters.”

Educators covered forage harvest and storage recommendations along with animal health to help improve milk production.

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